Financial Consent Order


We can help you agree the consents of a financial consent order.

A financial consent order is a legal order made by the court. It makes the financial agreement that you have already reached legally binding for you both. This order may lay out what will happen to your property, pensions or other assets when you divorce. It can also detail how any ongoing payments may work between you.

Do I Have To Have A Financial Consent Order?

It is a common preconception that the court will automatically look at and sort out financial issues as part of divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case.

Agreement to divorce through the court and agreement about your finances through the court are two different things. It is possible to ask the court to grant you a divorce without specifically asking them to confirm the financial arrangements you are making at the time. This is not recommended though. 

A financial consent order gives you both a clean break.  You might be asking, “why should I spend money on this now? I don’t have any assets, so surely it’s a waste of money.” That may be the case now, but after all, everyone dreams of winning the lottery.   A financial consent order is a clean break for both of you, protecting your future assets and income as well as what you have when you split up. Essentially, it is in your best interests to resolve finances at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you don’t face further financial disputes in the future.

What Is A Clean-Break Financial Order?

Marriage legally creates an obligation between two people that lasts for life – it does not automatically end with a divorce. The only way you can make sure that any future claims by your ex will be dismissed in court is by having a financial clean-break consent order. This finally severs any ongoing financial ties between you for good. Otherwise, the decision to not take care of this detail now could come back to haunt you – even many years after your divorce when you think both of you have moved on.

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