A Mediator can help you to mediate where there has been domestic violence

Mediation can help couples when relationships are breaking down

When a relationship is ending, mediation will help you make decisions about the future, and to agree on fair and sensible arrangements for your home, finances and especially children. 

Mediation and domestic violence

Mediation can be an effective way of finding solutions where there has been violence at home, but it is essential that you and the mediator are assured it is right for you. The mediator will help you consider:-

  • If mediation is right for you 
  • If mediation is safe for you at this time 

Together with the mediator, you can consider any risks and come to the right decision for you.

When can mediation help?

Mediation can help at any stage of separation. 

It can help with future contact arrangements for children.

  • Sorting finances that relate to your separation 
  • Sharing your assets and possessions.

What mediators can do?

  • Create a safe environment, with your help, for you to talk about these things together, and find a way forward that is in everyone’s best interests.
  • Help you and your partner think through your situation and make joint decisions about the best arrangements for your children.
  • Talk about housing arrangements, as well as money, possessions and debt.
  • Help you record any agreements in writing to be taken to court.
  • Give you information about other available services that may be more useful to you at the moment. 

What mediators can’t do?

  • Let mediation go ahead if there is any domestic violence happening between you now.
  • Give you counselling about your past relationship – but we can help you find others that will help with this.
  • Offer courses or counselling that will help you or your partner change your behaviour – but we can help you find the right service for your situation.
  • Force you or your partner to come to mediation. 

Feeling safe and talking openly

In mediation, you both need to feel free to negotiate; to be able to talk openly about what’s best. Then you can consider whether mediation is a safe and sensible option. The mediator will make sure you also know the alternatives to mediation. 

Coming to mediation can be difficult. But all our mediators will take simple, practical steps to reduce any possible friction between you and your partner. If necessary, the mediation can take place with you both in separate rooms.


What will happen in mediation?

  • You’ll each be offered an individual appointment 
  • You’ll be asked about your present situation and the areas you want to discuss.

You can then make an informed choice to try mediation. If you both want to mediate, a joint appointment will be made. The mediator will ensure the right safeguards are in place, so you are both able to take part in mediation safely and on an equal basis. The mediator will stop mediation if it is unsafe for anyone involved · Should you wish, any agreement reached in mediation can be taken to a court and formalised.

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