Our Costs

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (‘MIAM’). We charge £125.00 per person.

This is an individual one-hour meeting and is a requirement before an application to court can be made.

Issue of the Court form for an application to court is included in the cost for this meeting. Note: we do not issue Court forms unless the meeting has been completed and all invoices are paid in full.

We charge £60 for a MIAM certificate.

Mediation meetings per person. We charge £150.00 per hour per person for meeting attendance.

Our minimum appointment time is 1 hour for each meeting.

Family Law Mediation recommends 1½ hours for your 1st Appointment for mediation about children and 2 hours for mediation about finances.

This cost includes the preparation of a draft Mediation Summary which you can take to a legal advisor for advice between your mediation meetings.


Preparation of Documents. We charge £150.00 per hour, per person.

Child cases
Parenting Plan –prepared at the end of your case.

Financial cases
Open Statement of Financial Information – prepared after your first mediation appointment.

Memorandum of Understanding – prepared at the end of your case.

We charge £150.00 per hour, per person for these documents to be prepared.

An invoice will be sent and payment made before your documents can be sent out.

Child Consultation Package. All meetings charged at £150 per hour per parent/carer.

Mediation meeting with parents/carers in preparation for child meeting.

Meeting with child (or children).

Attendance at parents’/carers’ feedback mediation meeting. All meetings charged at £150 per hour per parent/carer. (Minimum of 60 minutes for child meeting and 90 minutes for parents’/carers’ meetings).

Disbursements. Re-charged at cost.

Disbursements, eg interpreters, accountants, actuaries, independent financial advisors, and other advisors re-charged at cost, plus VAT where applicable. 

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Family Law Mediation Leicester (Head Office)

First Floor

60 Charles Street



Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Weekend appointments are available on request

*We can offer a limited number of pre-arranged mediation sessions outside of office hours subject to agreement and availability. All mediation sessions are held either at our offices or remotely via video conferencing software e.g. Zoom.

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