Hello! I'm Dilshad Miah

Director of Family Law Mediation

Dilshad has over 15 years’ experience of supporting separating and divorcing couples as a senior family solicitor and founded a successful family law firm which he sold in 2021, to focus full-time on family mediation having seen the positive impact that it can have.

Dilshad spent 2 years working alongside a leading Family Mediator in Yorkshire to become an Accredited Mediator himself. This optional accreditation assisted Dilshad to see the power of Family Mediation first-hand, and finetune his skills to become a leader in this field and help to develop aspiring mediators.

From his successful legal career which also included representing clients at Court, Dilshad has an in-depth understanding of the legal alternatives to mediation and is able to articulate these plainly to potential clients when discussing whether mediation may be a better alternative for them and their families.

Having supported several hundred clients in his legal career, Dilshad fully understands the emotions, fears, concerns and priorities of separating and divorcing couples. He is able to calmly and professionally support separating and divorcing couples through what is a very stressful and difficult time, to achieve positive outcomes and move forward.

Hello! I'm Musa Ali

Client Co-Ordinator

"With four years of experience as a Family Law Paralegal, I have been privy to the comparative advantages of Mediation over traditional Court proceedings. I have managed numerous cases that spanned almost two years, providing me with a clear understanding of the financial and emotional toll such lengthy legal battles can impose on families. This exposure has deepened my conviction about the effectiveness of Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. I am passionately committed to promoting Mediation as a viable option for families, with its potential to save time, money, and stress."

Musa has been an integral member of our Family Law Paralegal team since 2019, bringing his expertise to a wide range of cases, from Domestic Abuse to Children Act matters. His extensive experience has led to a nuanced understanding that every case holds its unique complexities and requires a distinct approach tailored to meet our client's specific needs. At Family Law Mediation, he is committed to providing a neutral, secure platform for all parties to voice their concerns. His passion lies in facilitating and supporting the journey towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

Musa's professional aspiration is to attain the status of an Accredited Mediator, further enhancing his ability to serve our clients effectively.

Outside his professional commitments, Musa maintains a balanced lifestyle by prioritising physical fitness. He also harbours an enthusiasm for automobiles, often participating in car shows and track days. However, his primary interest is exploring different cultures and landscapes through travel and cherishing quality moments with his family.

Hello! I'm Rishii Chowdhury

Trained Mediator

"During my tenure in court, I have frequently witnessed the distress parents face when compelled to make decisions about their children's arrangements under significant pressure. The time constraints and limited resources inherent to the court system often leave parents feeling cornered. However, within the supportive confines of a mediation environment, separated parents are afforded the liberty to dictate the pace at which they wish to navigate their children's arrangements. This approach fosters a more amicable and less stressful resolution process."

Rishii embarked on his journey to become a mediator in 2023, completing the Mediation Foundation Training and securing an Associate position with the Family Mediator’s Association (FMA). Currently, he is diligently working towards obtaining accreditation from the Family Mediation Council.

Having joined Family Law Mediation in 2022, Rishii brings a unique blend of empathy and pragmatism to his mediation approach. This balanced perspective allows him to accurately evaluate client needs and articulate their mediation roadmap with clarity and precision.
Prior to qualifying as a mediator, Rishii was part of Family Law Mediation's administrative team, which provided him with an in-depth understanding of the client experience throughout the mediation process, from initiation to completion.

Rishii commenced his traineeship in 2022, transitioning from a successful career as a Family Solicitor. With this rich background, Rishii is optimally positioned to facilitate constructive dialogues between separated parents or couples, guiding them towards effective co-parenting strategies or future-oriented solutions for matters pertaining to children, property, or finances.

Hello! I'm Joanna Tloczek

Mediator and Sworn Translator

"The current congestion within the family courts is a significant challenge, and it's worth noting that not all cases necessitate this traditional legal recourse. Matters pertaining to children, property, and finances are often best resolved by the parents or separating couples themselves. By adopting a more collaborative approach, parties can directly influence the outcomes, ensuring decisions made align more closely with their unique needs and circumstances." Joanna's mission is to alleviate the stress associated with separation and facilitate pragmatic solutions for couples in the process of parting ways. Boasting an impressive career that spans over two decades, Joanna has provided invaluable support to clients in the international legal arena. Fluent in both Polish and English, she offers mediation services in either language or in a bilingual format. She serves a diverse clientele, including international families, civil partnerships, cohabiting couples, and couples of any gender, as well as extended family members.

Joanna holds a Polish law diploma and an English certificate in civil litigation. Her professional journey has taken her to Poland, Canada, and the UK, where she honed her skills in negotiations and litigation. In addition to these credentials, she has acquired qualifications as a sworn translator and court interpreter. After successfully completing a specialist course for family mediators in 2021, Joanna has shifted her focus solely to family mediation. To disseminate knowledge about English family law and promote the benefits of mediation, Joanna maintains a blog titled "Polska Mediatorka," targeted at educating the Polish community residing in the UK. Furthermore, she is the author of the self-help e-book “English Divorce.” In her leisure time, Joanna is passionate about delving into diverse genres of literature and exploring new geographical locales.

Hello! I'm Latifa Lulat

Client Co-Ordinator

"As a dedicated professional in family law mediation, I firmly believe mediation provides a compassionate path forward during familial disruption. In my role as a Client Coordinator at Family Law Mediation, I've seen firsthand how effective mediation can be in diffusing conflict, fostering understanding, and helping parties navigate the complexities of separation or divorce in a respectful manner. I am committed to supporting clients through this often challenging journey, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to reach mutually beneficial resolutions."

Latifa Lulat serves as our esteemed Client Coordinator, bringing a fresh and informed perspective to our team following the completion of her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Leicester. As the initial point of contact for our clients seeking mediation services, Latifa embodies the spirit of helpfulness and professionalism.

Her academic journey allowed her to delve into family law as an elective in her final year, sparking a profound interest and passion for the resolution aspect of mediation. She firmly believes it is a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional court proceedings.

Beyond her professional commitments, Latifa is a world traveller at heart, with a keen interest in immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences.

Hello! I'm Bina Modi

"As an experienced Family Law Solicitor and Mediator, I believe in the transformative power of mediation in resolving family disputes. My extensive experience in this field has shown me that it is not just a cost-effective alternative to court proceedings but also provides a more compassionate and respectful way for families to navigate through challenging times. It allows parties to maintain control over their decisions and outcomes, thereby preserving relationships and ensuring a smoother transition. As a professional, I am dedicated to supporting clients in this process, providing them with expert guidance and resources. Ultimately, my goal is to help individuals and families find peace and resolution in the midst of conflict." Bina Modi is a seasoned legal professional who brings over three decades of invaluable experience to her role as a Family Solicitor, Collaborative Practitioner, and Mediator. Having qualified as a Solicitor in 1990, Bina has since remained steadfast in her commitment to finding amicable resolutions outside of court proceedings. She believes this approach offers couples greater control over their future upon separation, providing a dignified, cost-effective pathway towards financial resolution and child arrangements. Her extensive experience in family law equips her to offer insightful guidance and resources to individuals navigating their journey post-separation. She often collaborates with third-party specialists such as independent financial advisors and therapists to ensure comprehensive support for her clients. Additionally, Bina has been lauded in the Legal 500 as a 'highly professional, diligent, and tenacious' professional. She holds accreditations as a specialist in Domestic Violence and Finances with Resolution, a family law group consisting of approximately 6,500 family justice professionals. Furthermore, she is a valued member of the Law Society Family Law panel and the Family Mediation Council. Beyond her professional commitments, Bina plays an active role in various committees and organisations. She currently serves on the National Resolution Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and is the Chair of Resolution Leicestershire. Additionally, she is a Trustee and Committee member for the Leicester Child Contact Centre. Bina's previous roles include a six-year tenure on the National Committee and Domestic Violence Committee and serving on the Board of Directors for Resolution from 2017-2023. In her leisure time, Bina indulges her interests in sports as a supporter of Leicester Tigers and Leicester City Club football. She also enjoys reading psychology and philosophy books, maintaining her health and fitness, and pursuing hobbies such as gardening and cooking.

What is Family Mediation?

  • It is essentially a facilitated conversation between a separating or divorcing couple.
  • Coming together in a safe and friendly environment to reach an agreement that works for both parties.
  • An alternative to giving up control and leavings the Court to make the decisions on their behalf that neither may be happy with.
  • Helping separating and divorcing couples to save time, money and stress by resolving matters more quickly and amicably, so that they can move forward with their lives.
  • The aim is to reach a voluntary and legally binding agreement that saves the costs of going to Court which can run in to several thousands of pounds.
  • It also avoids significant time delays and the risk of a Court Order that neither party is happy with.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Mediation Conducted?

Our mediation service is available in person at one of our offices or via video conference.  We also offer shuttle mediation.

You can discuss these options with us, and which is best for your circumstances with our specialist accredited mediations during your Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

What Is Remote Mediation?

We appreciate not everyone can travel to an office, due to work, child care commitments and so on.  In order so that our service is accessible to everyone, we can facilitate remote mediation which is mediation which takes place by way of a video call.  We use the Zoom platform whereby we send  you a link to your mediation in advance of your mediation.  You will then click on the link which has been sent to you for you to then participate in mediation.  You can even do ‘shuttle mediation’ online – where you will be in separate break-out rooms, so you do not even have to be on the same screen as the other party in this case.

For any sort of family mediation whether face to face, shuttle mediation or remote, you can Contact us here or call us on  0116 442 2989.

What Is Face To Face Mediation?

Face to face mediation always takes place at a neutral venue, at one of our offices so that you can both meet at our office.  Both of you will attend with your agendas and you will discuss your agendas with each other with the assistance of our specialist accredited mediator.  Face to face mediation is the ideal way to discuss the options to about issues that arise when people separate and covers matters such as divorce mediation, separation, child arrangements, property and finances and any other matters you wish to mediate upon.  

During face to face mediation, you will both be in the same room as each other with a mediator.

What Is Shuttle Mediation?

This is where you are in separate rooms and will usually have different arrival and departure times. The mediator will allocate their time equally between you and ‘shuttle’ between rooms to help you reach an agreement.  You do not meet each other during the mediation and the mediator will facilitate the discussion between you.

Our specialist areas

Breakdown of a marriage, civil partnership or cohabitee relationship

Parental and children matters

Grandparents who are unable to see their grandchildren

Property and other financial assets

Ownership and custody of pets


Who We Work Closely With

More information

We appreciate that a separation or divorce is a stressful time and have aimed to keep our website concise and in plain language. If you want more information on family mediation please refer to these approved websites:

If you are thinking about separating or getting a divorce but haven’t reached a decision, you may consider contacting a counsellor or support organisation.

Here are a few examples:

  • Consider speaking with your GP or religious leader (if applicable)
  • There may be local support groups in your area
  • You may also have access to help, guidance or support via benefits or perks provided by your employer or certain personal insurances such as health insurance.
  • You would need to contact your employer or insurance provider to identify whether any such provision exists.

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Other Professionals and Organisations

Who we work closely with: 

  • Solicitors & Barristers
  • Citizens Advice Bureau 
  • Charities supporting separating or divorcing individuals
  • Marriage counsellors 
  • Religious leaders
  • LGBTQ+ organisations  
  • Divorce coaches 
  • Social Workers 

We are always open to establishing new relationships with those professions and organisations outlined above. If any such organisation would like to find out more about Family Mediation we would be very pleased to hear from them. 

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*We can offer a limited number of pre-arranged mediation sessions outside of office hours subject to agreement and availability. All mediation sessions are held either at our offices or remotely via video conferencing software e.g. Zoom.

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