What does a family mediator do?

What is a family mediator?

A trained family mediator is a professional who comes from a background in law or healthcare. Mediators are trained to work with families who have broken or damaged relationships and are struggling to communicate on their own. Oftentimes, this involves settlement disputes between couples going through separation or divorce, but can also include grandparents

What can I expect from a family mediator? 

Family mediators will ask many questions to gain a firm understanding of the situation. They will not pick sides, but they will facilitate the conversation in a way that allows both parties to come to a solution that works for everyone. By not picking sides, they remain impartial and do not try to influence one party or the other to choose a given outcome. 

The choice to act on any proposed solution is completely voluntary, and everything you say to your family mediator will remain fully confidential. Unless there is evidence of child abuse or money laundering issues.  Family mediators will not disclose anything that is said in mediation meetings to the court and cannot be called at court to give evidence.  

Additionally, should you decide that family mediation is not right for you, you may terminate your involvement at any time. 

What are the advantages of a family mediator? 

There are several advantages to choosing a family mediator over going to court:

1. Mediation prioritises the children.

While family mediators do not take sides, they will often encourage both parties to consider the best interests of their children when coming to an agreement. Divorce can be traumatic for children; by keeping it amicable through mediation, children are better able to cope with the changes in family dynamics.

Family mediation also goes beyond decisions about custody and visitation rights to include comprehensive parenting plans that work for all parties involved. Depending on the situation, children may be directly involved in mediation and decision making. 

2. Mediation often has more amicable results.

If there are children involved, divorce or separation will not mean a complete end to relationships between adults. Mediation can improve communication and trust, and reduce hostility between parties as they transition through this stage of life. By working cooperatively and reaching an agreement that works for everyone involved, there is less resentment and more respect for each party. 

3. Mediation provides parties with more control.

Instead of negotiating through lawyers and dealing with hard-bargaining tactics, mediation keeps the final solution in the hands of both parties, giving them more control over the outcome. 

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